Tracey Dahlen Photography

We wanted to share some of the hikes that Paul and I have done.

We will keep adding to this page as we explore the area.

Enjoy! ~ Tracey

Lassen Peak

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This is not a hike for the weak. Paul, a former Marine, scaled the mountain with no problem but I had a little trouble, not with the uphill hike but with the elevation. My lungs were not enjoying the lack of oxygen so I had to take the hike slower than I wanted to. When considering this hike try to plan going during a full moon rising evening because it is absolutely spectacular to watch the moon rise and the sun sets! Also, be sure to bring water and cold weather clothes, even a face covering and gloves will help. It is cold up there! We had to cross a lot of snow so trekking poles might be useful too. 

Starting at the parking lot in Lassen National Park, this popular trail makes a steep climb to the summit of Lassen Peak. The hike can be difficult, but the views are well worth the effort. It is truly a worth-while adventure to the top of an active volcano. On the main road through Lassen National Park, a parking lot at the trailhead marks the beginning of the journey. The trail starts at 8500 feet in elevation, and ascend quickly. The high altitude in combination with the steep ascent can make this hike difficult, but the trail is relatively short, a mere 2.5 miles in each direction. There no trees to shade the hike, so be prepared for direct sunlight the entire trip. The trail remains a popular destination, because of its spectacular views, and the bragging rights of climbing this active volcano.

Terrace, Shadow and Cliff Lakes 

in Lassen Volcanic National Park

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We drove two vehicles and parked one at the bottom of the trail and one at the top then hiked down the trail. The lakes were a brilliant blue/green and absolutely stunning! This trail was an easy one but it was long at 7.31 miles. Lots of places to stop, swim, picnic and enjoy the sights.

Burney Mountain Look Out

 Thousand Lakes Wilderness

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Burney Mountain at 7,863 feet is one of the most beautiful mountain peaks in Northern California. There is a road that takes you to the summit of the extinct volcano. At the summit there is a fire lookout tower that helps spot wild fires during the summer months. It was built in 1934, and rebuilt in 1960. It is still used to this day.

While at the summit you get awesome views of Mount Shasta to the north, Lassen Peak to the south, Black Butte, Castle Crags, Crater Peak, Soldier Mountain and many other peaks so bring your camera!

This mountain is usually ignored due to its bigger neighbor to the south, Crater Peak. At 8,677 feet it is only 814 feet taller than Burney Mountain, not that much taller at all, but people still don't give Burney Mountain a chance. They don't know what there missing when they pass up this beautiful peak!

The ride up to the summit of the mountain is one of the most scenic roads that one might ever take! The trip up is something that the whole family will enjoy and will probably never forget, it is just that great of an experience! It is one of the areas best kept secrets!! If you go in the spring be prepared to navigate through snow because there sometimes snow until late May or early June. The snow-capped mountains and trees are very beautiful but it is incredibly cold at the top!

From Redding take Highway 299 east for about 50 miles. Then take a right on Tamarack Road right across the street from the Sierra Pacific 
entrance. This road is paved just for a little bit then turns into a rough dirt road because logging trucks use it daily. Keep following this 
road, passing Dry Lake in the process, until you find a road to the left named Forest Route 34N19. Take this road for a few miles and then make 
another left on Forest Route 34N23. Keep following this road until you find a sign telling you that the (Burney Mountain lookout) summit road is 
to the right. Follow the road and you will end up at the summit! The road is about 7 miles long and usually takes an hour to get to the top because people like to stop and check out the breathtaking scenery.

*Note: The summit road requires a 4x4 vehicle!!*

Eiler Lake Hike

 Thousand Lakes Wilderness

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Eiler Lake via Tamarack Trail is a 8.1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail with a few  located near Old Station, California that features a lake. The trail is rated as moderate and is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and birding. There were a bunch of small lakes along the trail but Eiler lake was the largest and the most beautiful! There were primitive campsites there for hikers to use. Because of all the lakes the mosquitoes are very bad here and is known to locals as the thousand skeeters wilderness. Bring repellent!

Hiking a Section of the Pacific Crest Trail with my Dad

I will never forget the time my dad (retired Forest Service Firefighter) and I section hiked the PCT from the trail head just outside of the town of Chester to Old Station. It is around 49 miles but we came across a bear at Lower Twin Lakes in Lassen Park and he was not going to be scared off so we hiked another 5 miles that day. Check out the photos of our experience. :) Enjoy!

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